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    Done-For-You Niche Packs ($97 Value)

    In part one of this offer, I’m gonna give you our Product Query Spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains a list of hundreds of products, in various different niches, that match our PROVEN criteria of profitable products. Yup, you read that right. We’ve done the research for you. Just go through this spreadsheet, select a product and you’re good to go! No guess work required on your part and no more doubt in your head about choosing the wrong products. And that’s just PART ONE!

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    AMZKit Software ($297 Value)

    Part two of this offer takes things a step further. Once you’ve chosen a product from our spreadsheet and get it on Amazon, you’ve got to deploy the rest of the strategies we discuss in XYZ Amazon course. Two VERY important parts of our process is getting your product ranked on the first page of Amazon and making sure it stays there. I’ve developed an amazing web-based software, AMZ Kit, that automates these two important parts of our process. The first one is keeping track of your rankings, ensuring you’re listings are moving up, and to save you time from manually checking your rankings. You’ll also be able to track your competitors to keep your finger on the pulse of their businesses. The second one is our powerful customer simulator feature. This is a method we’ve developed that helps us get FAST rankings for our listings. In short, this module will create a ‘super URL’ to make Amazon think that someone searched for your product, clicked on it, and purchased it. And our software does it 100% automatically for you.

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    An Additional 4-Weeks of LIVE Mentorship ($497 Value)

    In Part 3, we want to do for you is throw in an additional 4 weeks of LIVE Qna and Strategy sessions on top of this already amazing offer. We understand that having access to expert marketers to answer your questions as you progress in your business in invaluable. So we wanted to extend the live mentorship sessions from 4 weeks to 8! That means we’ll be with you every single step of the way to ensure you’re successful in your business. It’s gonna be almost IMPOSSIBLE to fail when you have that level of support in your
    business,right? Absolutely. I wish I had someone willing to mentor me for a full 8 weeks when I first started out. It sure would have saved me a ton of time, money and wasted effort.


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Thank you for reading! I look forward to seeing you in the members area and getting to know you on the live strategy sessions!

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